What is SIREN?

A countercultural zine fusing community resilience, DIY culture, transgressive and expressive arts alongside radical grassroots politics.

We explore default world subversion tactics, and future world visioning, in a fresh, creative, post-punk, satirical, edgy, imaginative way. Think: if Vogue took some acid & went on a vision quest in the urban jungle.

Squat culture, right to the city, self-organisation, dancefloor politics, deep intersectionality, psychedelia, urban ecology, radical daydreaming, technopaganism, queerness, feminism, movement building are just some of our jams.

How do we make SIREN?

The humans of the Space of Urgency network are the lifeblood of SIREN, their labour, their inspiration, their struggles are the heartbeat of the Zine.

Across about 50 pages, each volume is dedicated to spotlighting critical issues within the jams we just mentioned above, from new rurality to the Commons to cyberpunk technopaganism. 

The SoU community will work together to produce content pieces that will facilitate cross-border, cross-scene collaboration and trust-building. Their local struggles and visions will be harmonized through the SoU editorial guidance and support while amplifying their work and missions while taking readers on an engaging, fun and challenging psychedelic journey.