Sound of Urgency

I make sounds therefore I am

Try imagining yourself as a bundle of sonic energy, as vibration in space, among many other vibrations. We cocreate, understand and experience our cities, villages and inner worlds through sound. Emanating through space, you cause chains of particles to vibrate back and forth, producing wave-like motion. Your outward shape expands until you meet other media (objects and organisms of varying shapes and densities) that reflect, absorb, and scatter your energy. We do not exist in a vacuum; we need a medium (whether solid, liquid, or gas) to stay in motion, to keep sounding. 

Where there's smoke, there's a message

Smoke and fire signals were used by many ancient human cultures. Tribes have been using bonfires for centuries, for transmitting messages, for healing, for grieving, for shamanic inspiration. By covering the fire with a blanket and exposing it for measured periods, they created smoke-cloud-language that could convey complex meanings. 

Where there’s sound, there's a message

Sounds. Sirens, alarms, bell chimes, drum beats, and vocal chants are universal sound codes that we can all recognize and react to when there is an urgency, danger, or war. A siren song was a mythological warning, telling us that we need to take action; to stop; to slow down; to seek safety, to come to someone’s aid, to get organized, to defend. 

Community resilience through collective sound

Sound of Urgency is an effort to make sense of the world through sound. To blast through echo chambers of separation, to create ripples of disturbance in apathy and silence, to weave new visions of what the world could sound like. We create community resilience through collective sound and music-making. We will fuse the elements of sound, smoke, signals and songs to act as vehicles for us to connect and reclaim physical, communal space. Together we are creating the Soundscapes of the Future while learning how to listen.


We are working with friends, family, colleagues and strangers to produce the Sound of Urgency Mix, a piece of political, sonic storytelling, that will take shape in the form of an original music compilation, taking listeners, movers, activists, dancers on an auditory journey into the emergencies of our times and spaces. It is an experiment in alternative ways of collaborating and alternative ways of experiencing our cultures, our fears and our aspirations. Artists are invited to offer their sound-stories that will be woven together in one mastered album of political poetry with a perspective. Uniting spaces, communities, activists in Europe, Euroasia, Middle East, and East Africa, political symbolism is woven into sound production to describe the urgency of our time, our spaces, our communities, and their thirst for a different future. 

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