Spaces of Adaptation

"Self-organization as a tool for the socio-ecological transition." 

Spaces of Adaptation is delivered by Space of Urgency in a partnership with Actors of Urban Change (ACT), a program by MitOst e.V. supported by the Robert Bosch Stiftung.


“Are we really reflecting & adapting? Are our spaces and communities resilient enough for the next crises?”

Frei(T)räume / Envisioning Free Space is the annual, flagship conference that invites a wide array of actors from independent cultural spaces, municipal bodies and urban changemakers to build trust and foster deeper knowledge exchange.


"Re-imagines the usage of historical spaces, reviving them through cultural activities to create safe spaces where non-dominant youth culture, queer communities and other marginalised groups in Eastern & Southen Europe can thrive."

The Next Generation of Cultural Spaces (NGOCS) is a project by Space of Urgency, Tresor Foundation, United We Stream, Act4culture (CCIU Georgia) and Bam-C (Balkan Advanced Music Conference). Throughout the year 2022, the project is supported by the European Cultural Foundation.

Free Space Policy Amsterdam

"Participatory design &  trust building strategies for the protection and realization of independent cultural spaces by self organized social cultural initiatives."

The Free Space Policy is commissioned by the departments of Bureau Broedplaatsen and Ruimte & Duurzaamheid of the Municipality of Amsterdam.


Mapping Tool

"Development of a digital tool (Mapping Tool) for efficient location determination and to simplify the administrative approval process for cultural events in public spaces."

The project was commissioned by the Berlin Senate Department for Culture and Europe in July 2021.


“IKE connects city administrations for culture and urban development in pursuit of public-sector innovations, tools, policy and solution approaches. Approaches that enable an accessible urban space, self-empowerment of cultural actors, and innovations in policy, bureaucracy, planning and participation lay thematically central to the exchanges in practice-based knowledge.”

In 2021 the IKE exchange took part between the cultural, environmental and urban planning departments of Amsterdam, Helsinki, Vienna and Berlin and was facilitated by Space of Urgency and Hidden-Institute.

Model Space Project

"Aimed to simplify the legal and practical administrative framework for informal cultural uses in public open spaces, with special consideration of small-scale, youth cultural and music-related uses."

Model Space Project was carried out in 2018 by members of Space of Urgency and  the Clubcommission Berlin, in cooperation with young event collectives from the free open air scene, the TU Berlin, the Berlin School of Economics and Law and selected district offices. The project was financed by the Senate Department for Culture and Europe via Musicboard Berlin GmbH.

Space of Urgency radio

"We interview the founders of independent cultural spaces to hear background stories about their space, discuss relevant social topics and listen to tracks from related artists."

Space of Urgency radio is a monthly radio show hosted by Moody Kablawi and Arno Bouma on Refuge Worldwide.


"We demonstrate because of the rapid disappearance of socio-cultural venues, clubs, self-determined housing & free spaces. These spaces of urgency are crucial for Berlin’s unique identity and urban resilience in total."

On 12.06.2021, 3000 participants showed up to demonstrate in the streets of Berlin. The demo was a collabroation between Space of Urgency, Kollektiv Spieltrieb e.V., Love Foundation, Reclaim Club Culture, Fraktion Nimmersatt, Para Yok Collective, Culturama Bus, CircusSpacePirates, X-Tractor, Studie dB, Berlin Invasion, TBRS, Subkultfest, The Mudd Show and Hör.