Space of Urgency is fueled by a lot of people. Space-keepers, de-gentrifiers, venue operators, event producers, community space organisers, neighbours, companions and friends, all working in solidarity within four walls, as well as digitally across huge distances. Out of this massive family of free space protectors, there’s a line-up of people ensuring that community engagement remains high, that texts get written and events are communicated, that the Frei(T)räume annual event happens, that conversations with municipalities take place as well as any other day-to-day activities. If the community is the blood, the line-up crew is the nerve impulses. 


Want to see change in your community? Join the mission! The Space of Urgency platform can only grow with your support. Let’s connect the dots of our communities and grow stronger together.  Do you have, or know, a space that is resisting the dominant systems and has an important social function for its community? Do you have a contribution to the news section? Do you want to share an interesting story or development, exchange ideas or collaborate? Space of Urgency would love to hear from you at or +49 176 243 163 11

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