Space of Urgency is a growing network of independent cultural communities, collectives and activists that subscribe to the idea that physical space is essential to the survival of our communities.  As a unifying metaphor - Space of Urgency draws immediate attention to the precarious position of independent cultural spaces, and the ways in which they suffer from a privatizing, gentrifying planet, as well as the protective role space plays to shelter cultural communities that lack support from the state or mainstream institutions. At this moment, spaces of urgency are very compromised due to the pandemic, which has only exacerbated pre-existing issues of lack of funding and resources, a politically disabling environment, corporate takeovers, gentrification, commodification, social stigmatisation and marginalisation.


Our mission is to empower the visibility and resilience of independent cultural spaces and their communities, by sharing stories, knowledge and tools for tangible solidarity in times of crisis.


We are manifesting our political vision through 6 key ways:


1. Community Organising - regular calls with the wider Space of Urgency network.

2. Map of Urgency - profiling spaces of urgency around the globe.

3. Sound of Urgency - sense-making through sound via a music compilation collaboration.

4. Zine - cross border, countercultural magazine production to inform and inspire. 

5. Demo Crew - organisation and support of activist actions, marches, stunts. 

6. Frei(T)räume - annual, flagship conference that converges the collectives & builds trust and fosters deeper knowledge exchange.